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Listening to the Holy Spirit

The Pastor at my home church shared a story that I would like to share here. A man named Dan (I know him personally) took his family to Disneyland for the weekend. While his wife and children were having pictures taken with Mickey Mouse, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said to go pray for a man in front of him with his back turned to him. Dan replied, "really God, I am at Disneyland with my family and you want me to pray with a complete stranger?" Again, God spoke very clearly to him so he relented and tapped the guy on the shoulder and explained that God wanted him to pray for him. The man abruptly turned his back on Dan. Needless to say Dan felt a little awkward but God persisted and Dan tapped him on the shoulder again. The man turned around and was sobbing. He explained that he had brought his wife and family to Disneyland for the last time and the next day he was going to end his life. Dan prayed for right him right there in front of a restaurant with people looking on. Some joined them in prayer.

We never know how or when God wants to use us to pray for others. I hope this story inspires us to pray when prompted, no matter where we are or the circumstances. 



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  • Jaime
    Jaime Love this story! So important to obey the Holy Spirit!!
    Apr 8
  • dean
    dean great story joe
    Apr 8

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