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Acceptance before Action

My name is Lisa and I am an alcoholic. People may assume that my main problem is with alcohol but alcohol is just a symptom of an even bigger issue: Spiritual Sickness. I was spiritually bankrupt before I started drinking alcohol. The empty feeling I had was the result of being bedeviled by misery and depression. I tried to control these feelings along with the people around me and it only got worse. I then found alcohol which I found to be a solution to my dis-ease and discomfort. I went from living like something was missing to feeling whole. Of course this was all an illusion that I played into until one day I couldn't tell the true from the false. Alcohol was my tool of survival against this spiritual malady deep inside. 

Alcohol led me down a dark road and eventually over a decade became my master. How was I to live without the one thing that gave me ease and comfort? I couldn't manage my emotions without it. I came to Alcoholics Anonymous with the sole desire to stop drinking but had no idea how they were going to help me get through the misery I felt even sober. I started off by admitting I was powerless and that my life had become unmanageable. This is Step One but what did that actually mean for me? It meant that I had to acknowledge and accept that I couldn't control the mental obsession that led me to the drink or the physical allergy which kept me drinking after the first one. Then I had to accept that my life had become unmanageable. This didn't mean the outer appearance of my life which had become chaotic with lost jobs, DUI's, and toxic relationships. Those were the consequences of the unmanageability of my spirit. My life is still unmangeable as a sober woman and I would eventually need a solution for that. After accepting these principles I would then face the questions of: If I am powerless on my own, where will I get power from? If my life is unmanageable as well as my spirit, where will I find order? Where will I find ease and comfort? This leads me to Step 2 where I will find the beginning of a new way of living through the power of God.


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  • Kevin Hess
    Kevin Hess Great message! Thanks for sharing...look forward to following you through the steps to come!
    April 26, 2018

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